Our Submissions Process

Here at Novel Approach, we understand that good books are not always just about content. To us, the person behind the book is just as important as the book itself. At the heart of what we do lies our dedicated relationship with our clients, and that begins the very first time you contact us.

For first-time customers, we offer our Pencil Programme. Before we commit to any work from new clients, we request you email us the first two chapters of your manuscript, or 1500 words, whichever is more. In this way, we can demonstrate the sort of work we produce, and you can decide if we’re the right fit for your book. This is completely free of charge, so if you’d prefer not to use us, just tell us “No, thank you.” There are no hard feelings.

Simply complete each element of the data capture form, attach your sample and wait to hear back from us. We will return your completed sample edit within five working days.

For returning customers, please disregard the Pencil Programme—once you have received your Unique Customer Reference Number, you will be a registered client of Novel Approach. Please proceed to the 'Scheduling Query' section.

Not received a reply from us?

Due to some email deliverability issues, we apologise if you haven't received a reply from us. It's highly likely it's gone to your spam/junk folder. Please check there first, and if there's still no sign, please feel free to drop us a line via our Contact Us page!

  • Pencil Programme

Pencil Programme - Sample Edit Submission Request

Please upload your sample here:

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Thanks to our newly developed 3-step Submissions Process, it's never been easier for authors to work with us. Here at Novel Approach, we know how precious your time can be, so we've fast-tracked our process to give you more immediate access to our service. Less emails means more time for you to get back to your writing!

Scheduling Query

Please click the button at the bottom of this webpage and complete our custom form to check our availability before you purchase one of our packages.

We will reply to your query within twenty-four hours and suggest Proposed Start and Estimated Completion dates for your project. The Start Date offered will be the earliest scheduling opportunity based on current workload. The Estimated Completion Date will always be a conservative estimate as to when your manuscript is likely to be returned.

Please note that both of these elements are subject to change, but you will always be advised in writing if this is the case.

Online Store

If you are happy with the timescale provided for your project, visit our Online Store via the Pricing tab on the overhead Menu bar and add the relevant Pricing package to your Basket.

We've also included a Word Count Assistant to advise you which package you'll need, just in case you're unsure.

Upload Your Manuscript

As part of the Checkout phase of your purchase, you will be prompted to provide a number of details about you and your manuscript. Please include a copy of your manuscript once you've added all items to your Basket.

Scheduling Query

Scheduling Query