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Here at Novel Approach, we are proud to support authors across the world in making the right choices for their books. We are determined in our pursuit of quality and always strive to guide our clients towards making their manuscript feel polished and professional. Trust is the lifeblood of our business, and we value each and every author who places theirs in the service we provide.

Here are a selection of titles which Novel Approach have been contracted to provide editorial assistance for:

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The Eye - L. B. Crosher
Artificial Insurrection - Herman Steuernagel
Not Okay - David Viergutz
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The Secrets of the Sphere - Herman Steuernagel
The Dragon and the Ghost - Mark Dawson
The Sins of the Ancients - Herman Steuernagel
Ulysses Exposed - N. Gray
Voodoo Priest - N. Gray
The Guardian Program - Herman Steuernagel
Dark Order - Evan Graver
The Man Who Never Was - Mark Dawson
Dark Ship - Evan Graver
The Driver - Mark Dawson
Killa City - Mark Dawson
The River - L. B. Crosher
Dark Fraud - Evan Graver
The Cleaner - Mark Dawson
Dark Water - Evan Graver
Red Mud River - DW Viergutz
Dark Days - Evan Graver
Saint Death - Mark Dawson
Between Moons - Claire Anders
Never Forget - Jordan Vezina
Peel - David Viergutz
Dark Cover-up- Evan Graver
Tempest - Mark Dawson
Old Scratch - David Viergutz
The Stones - L. B. Crosher
Dark Hunt - Evan Graver
Breakdown - Jordan Vezina
Infinity - Herman Steuernagel
Ghosts - Mark Dawson
Dark Country - Evan Graver
Artificial Insurgence - Herman Steuernagel
Dark Prey - Evan Graver
Eclipse - Herman Steuernagel
Dark Drone - Evan Graver
Lost Souls - D. P. Johnson
Dark Path
Dark Path - Evan Graver
Time of Death - Dan Herisson
Salvation Row - Mark Dawson
The Sword of God - Mark Dawson
A Box Full of Darkness - L. B. Crosher
One More Victim - David Viergutz
Little Sister - Mark Dawson
Pivotal Darkness - E. B. Janes
Witness X - Mark Dawson

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