Scheduling Query

Scheduling Query

Scheduling Query

If you'd like to work with Novel Approach, please message us here to find out our availability.

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Scheduling Query

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Please enter any questions you have regarding our service here.

We would recommend that your Preferred Completion Date be around a week before your intended release date, be it to your chosen sales platform or a pre-release to your Advance Reader scheme, to allow you the opportunity to assess our editorial.

We will advise in our initial response as to whether we can accept, or must decline, your manuscript.

Please don’t be disheartened if we decline your manuscript; unfortunately, we are not always able to commit to every enquiry. There are a number of reasons as to why this might be, but rest assured that we will be open and honest if this happens. It is likely to be as simple as scheduling conflicts with projects we’re already assigned to, limited availability, or that the content of your manuscript is not compatible with our creative capabilities. If this does happen, we can only apologise, and we hope that it won’t deter you from considering Novel Approach for any of your future books.