Blurb Builder


Is your blurb giving you bother?

Sometimes it can be hard to find the words that do your book justice. No matter how talented, this can be a common problem for all authors. You spend months preparing chapter upon chapter of perfect prose, only for a few short paragraphs to feel flat and uninspiring.

Here at Novel Approach, we're committed to helping make the work of our clients the best that it can be, and that doesn't end with the last page. Thanks to our new Blurb Builder service, we're now able to work directly alongside you to craft the perfect few paragraphs to grab the attention of your readers and to convince them that yours is a story worth reading.

A strong, compelling blurb is key to driving forward those sales and letting your audience know that they’re in for a real treat.

The only question is… how good is yours?

Our Blurb Builder service costs £87.50 per independent release. Payment includes unlimited rewrites until such time as the blurb is used either on sale, is displayed publicly via any medium, or is used to advertise your book. Please express your interest using the email form below, and we’ll contact you to obtain further details. If you’ve already tried your hand at a blurb and want us to rework it, please feel free to include it here.